Vintage Camcorder
Vintage Camcorder
Vintage Camcorder

Vintage Camcorder

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Capture All Your Memories In Vintage!

Capture Moments in time: Have your timeless memories with your significant other, family, and friends in vintage. Imagine looking back at your photos or videos with your loved ones years from now in vintage quality.

 Camcorder features:
  • Take both videos and photos in 6 different filters and 3 special effects and up to 4X zoom
  • Video does capture audio
  • Video captures the exact date the video was taken
  • Save all your photos and videos to an SD card and import them anywhere
  • Connects to your computer and TV via USB
  • With timing mode with 2, 5, and 10-second delays to get the picture-perfect photo!
  • Does not require batteries as the Vintage Camcorder is rechargeable 
  • Designed to be lightweight, so it's not a bother to carry around

Digital screen is 2.4 inches wide.

Package comes with:

1 X Vintage Camcorder

1 X Rechargeable USB cord (Also, can be used to connect to your computer/TV)

2 Year Quality Guarantee

We know we have the best Cameras in the world. We stand behind that strongly. Our proven track record gives our lighters a lifetime of over 2 years with the proper care.

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