The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer
The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer
The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer
The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer
The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer
The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer
The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer

The Glow Box - UV Sanitizer

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STOP! Your health is in danger due to invisible bacteria!

Now more than ever before, keeping dangerous germs away has been critically important in maintaining good health. If your home isnt clean than you are more likely to get become sick and your health may suffer.

Did you know your phone is carries up to 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat? Yuck!

It's never been more important to safeguard yourself from getting sick from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. If your phone isn't clean your hands won't be either.

With medical grade UV-C technology, UV Cleaner is one of the smartest things you can do to immediatly kill disease causing bacteria & viruses, keeping your family healthy.

Your phone is 18x dirtier and carries more bacteria than public toilets! We wash our hands but never wash our smartphones.

Whatever our hands touch passes onto our phones making them a breeding ground for bacteria. Our phones are kept in warm places which help the bacteria grow even more, and then transfer the bacteria to anything we touch like our food, our skin, or even our loved ones!


Until now there wasn't a safe and chemical free way to disinfect these objects, thankfully UV technology is now available as the perfect touchless souloution to kill viruses and bacteria without using harmfull chemicals.

 In the medical feild UV-C is used in hospitals for the deep germicidal removal. Now you can finally bring the medical grade safety into your home!

Science Based Results:

And now the good news...

Major advances in UV chip technology have finally allowed UVC lights to be as available as a portable UV sanitizer.

The GlowBox by Daily Essentials powerfully cleans, disinfecting all your household valuables in minutes - eliminating up to 99% of the pathogens, molds, spores, and dustmites - at the flick of a switch.

Simply place the items you wish to be cleaned then with the flip of a swith all of the deadly germs, viruses and pathogens are sanitized. Cleaning has never been easier.

Instanly kill up to 99% of micro organisms

Like having the power of the sun in the palm of your hand. UV sanitizing light has been scientifically proven to kill even the most resistant viruses, bacterias, and germs, molds. Remove bad odors and sanitize germs in hard to reach places that cleaning wipes can't reach.

Easy One Click Operation

Germ killing power delivered through a convient micro-USB. Quickly sterilize objects in just 8 minutes.

Instantly Disinfect

The GlowBox can be used to disinfect masks, mobile devices, jewelery, watches, pacifiers, toothbrush, ect

Small & Portable

Small & lightweight. The GlowBox has an easy to operate foldable design measuring only 8x4.7x1.3. At less than 267 grams, it can fit into most bags, purses, or luggage, as a trusty travel companion. Simple one button click to sanitize.


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