Future Ligher
Future Ligher
Future Ligher
Future Ligher
Future Ligher

Future Ligher

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The Future is here! Forget about empty lighters, Buying new lighters every week, Having pain in your thumb and Burning your fingers! With the FutureLighter your life will be never the same! Don't believe us? Experience the USB rechargeable dual-arch plasma lighter yourself. 

How does it work?
The compact FutureLighter plasma lighter is a fully electric lighter that can be charged with a USB cable. Compared to the clumsiness that ordinary lighters bring with them, the FutureLighter Plasma lighter soon shows that you don't want anything else. The FutureLighter Plasma lighter is a revolutionary Tesla plasma technique that uses electricity instead of butane to generate a plasma wave that is hotter than fire. Like a lightning bolt! The flameless double arc-atomic plasma wave can set everything on fire Within just a fraction of a second.., even in wind and rain! And best of all: it does not have a hard button, it is touchscreen!

✔ User-friendly 
✔ Built-in rechargeable battery
✔ Splashproof
✔ Airport Approved
✔ Money Returns itself (No more spending money on other lighters)
✔ Modern and trendy design
✔ Ideal gift

1x FutureLighter Lighter
1x USB Charger
1x Manual
1x Nice packaging 

Better for the world, better for you
Numerous studies have shown that traditional butane fuel is highly toxic to humans, so instead of using harmful chemicals such as butane, this FutureLighter Lighter uses an ultra-powerful lithium-ion cell to create a superheated plasma wave. It is also really good for the eco-system: Plastic lighters always end up in nature or animal bellies. So the FutureLighter also is reducing waste, to make the world a greener place 🌏

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